Professional Music Production

There’s no point in half-arsing making music. Songs live or die not just by the quality of their composition, but by the quality of their sound. I’m here to ensure you can do both without breaking the bank.

My name’s Huw Siddle – I’m a professional rock, pop & indie music producer, working in concert with Record Label & Music Publisher Heartstopper Records. I provide my clients with fixed-price, package deals that cover recording, mixing and mastering, and registration and publishing of their music. I don’t mess around with devils in the details or over-the-top promises. What you see is what you get.

What do I Provide?

I’m a music Producer – that can mean a lot of different things to different people. I’m not a producer in the sense that I mix and master your work myself; I don’t own my own studio, and I don’t try and pretend that I can make professional-level magic with a closet and some carpets. I don’t pretend I can do everything myself. Instead, I give my clients a full suite of services provided by the right people to make their music shine. But what exactly does that entail?

Professional Feedback

An extra, experienced pair of ears to help move your music in the right direction is invaluable if you want to produce the best music you can. Before we even set foot in a studio, I work with clients to hone their offering, to make sure that everything from the musical composition to the lyrics is as good as it can be, and set you up best for success.

Studio Time & Sound Engineering

Where you record your music can be just as important, if not even more so, than what you’re recording. A great song can be killed by a bad studio setup, or recorded in the wrong space. I work with a number of different studios, both in my home territory of London and across the UK, and I work with my clients to ensure that they’re booked into the ones that suit their needs best. Studio time is included in all my packages at a rate of 2 days per song. Whether you’re looking for local talent, or want to travel to work with the best, I only work with studios that I know can provide a great environment to record in, and use the best engineers out there to ensure that your sound will come out fantastic.

A Producer By Your Side

Recording isn’t done in a vacuum – it’s a constant process of tinkering, improving and adjusting what you sound like to achieve the best result. To make sure you get that best result out of your recording sessions, having an in-studio producer to assist you is essential to give you tips, help you hone your sound, and ultimately improve the product that comes out the other end. Whether it’s me standing in the studio by your side and giving you advice, or one of the fantastic in-house producers in the studios I work with, every client will have production assistance for their recording sessions.

Mixing & Mastering

Once you’ve got the best recording you can, then you’ve got to ensure that all those different elements are put together right. You have to get the balance right, ensure that the sound’s consistent, and tune your music exactly to your tastes.

I work with a number of experienced professional mixers and mastering technicians to fine-tune the post-production of your music. Some of them are attached to recording studios, others are independent operators; all have been vetted to ensure that they meet the standards of quality we expect to produce the best product possible.

PRS & PPL Registrations

At the end of the day, money is always a concern in music. When you put your work out there for the world to see, you want to ensure that you’re getting the compensation you deserve from its usage. Problem is, without a label backing you, a lot of that compensation is locked away from you. I’ve got a solution for that, too. I’m partnered with Heartstopper Records, and work with them to provide full registrations for PRS and PPL royalties for all songs created by my clients, so you can make sure you’re getting the money from your recordings and your intellectual property. It’s absolutely free of charge; all you have to do is ensure that you’re registered with PRS and PPL.

Marketing & Digital PR

Success in music isn’t just about creating a good product – it’s about how you sell it. With years of experience in the music industry and marketing worlds, I know how to combine the best elements of both to help give your tracks the best foot forward they can possibly have. Every package I offer includes a set amount dedicated to funding promotional digital marketing campaigns across social media and review platforms to get your track out to as many people who want to hear it as possible. I also work with my clients to ensure that their social media presence is up to modern standards, create content calendars and press releases to generate the maximum amount of interest in their releases, and even have a portfolio of graphic design artists that I work with to create eye-catching covers and promotional art!

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